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Poor Youth League Football Coaching

Does youth league football coaching have any value in the Tampa Bay area? I was presented with the idea that youth league coaches should get paid a few bucks. Then organizations would monitor who they let coach because they are paying them. Would this help rid some of the poor coaching our youth players are receiving?



Gaither Cowboys celebrate victory

#22 Dominic Neglio LB Gaither High School

Florida commit booted from Florida State camp

Florida commit booted from Florida State camp

Florida commit booted from Florida State camp

Florida commit booted from Florida State camp

Florida commit booted from Florida State camp after doing the Gator chomp

By Graham Watson | Dr. Saturday – Mon, Jun 18, 2012 12:14 PM EDT

( offseason, recruits have seemingly gotten bolder while repping their future schools, however linebacker James Hearns, a Florida commit, learned the hard way that there’s a time and a place for everything — and that place is not Florida State.

Willie Vann Kelly

You read this

While playing in a 7-on-7 camp held by Florida State on the Florida State campus, Hearns decided to do the infamous Gator chomp in the face of the opposing quarterback after sacking him. Hearns was promptly ejected from the game and asked to leave the camp. It was his second taunt of the game.

Hearns tried to play it off on Twitter after being questioned about it: “I did the gator chomp at the Fsu camp and they ejected me from the camp and now people are making it a big deal,”he wrote. “It wasn’t that big of a deal to me… We won the whole camp and that’s all that matters.”

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Unfortunately for Hearns, recruits have been under the microscope lately after a couple rounds ofburning letters from rival schools and recruits threatening to fight fans. Taunting is never good and it’s something that will get him ejected from a college game as well. Hearns getting booted was probably more about the taunting than it was the type of taunting. Still, this seems fairly harmless and Hearns was apologetic on Twitter once the story started to circulate.

“I didnt want none of this to happen… Relax people.. It’s not that big of a deal,” he wrote.

This isn’t the first time a recruit has been asked to leave a camp after showing love to their future school on someone else’s campus. In 2008, Miami commit Tavadis Glenn was asked to leave Florida’s Friday Night Lights event after throwing up the “U” to the crowd. Glenn ended up in prep school and never made it to Miami.

Hopefully Hearns won’t suffer the same fate.

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B.C University Welcomes Pablo Escobar to the Team

After months of contract negotiations B.C University has signed on Pablo Escobar as Director of Football Operations. A former player in the Tampa Bay Area who loves the kids! His drive and determination to our staff of professionals brings our roster to its highest level to date!

B.C: What is the role of administrators/faculty for B.C
P.E : My role is Photographer/ Videographer Director of Player Operations
B.C So tell me the difference from when you was in school vs Now with the media
P.E: Aww Man its so different back then we had the media but not to this extreme
you have the combines and all the Nike camps we did not have the much recruiting like it is now.
B.C:How do you get your athletes into college
P.E: We will talk to the recruiters out there and let them know about the athletes show video and still
shots we also have a weekly radio show that will give the athletes that exposure as well.
B.C: How do you communicate with the athletes?
P.E: Oh I love talking to the athletes on different levels to see where they are at in life on and off the field
letting that kid know that you are paying attention to them goes a long way and seeing their face light up is priceless.
B.C: Any last words you want to say to the B.C world
P.E : All I can say is Lets make dreams come true and help a athlete out.

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