IMG Football

We have seen it grow from when our BCU Franchise athletes went few years ago! Here is a great article by my friend Kevin Odonell

– They’re known as the Ascenders — a perfect name for a perfect program. IMG is one of a kind. The high school football program is filled with top talent from all over the world. The facilities are jaw-dropping; just ask the players what they like most about the school.

“Probably the facilities,” said Micah Abraham, son of former Tampa Bay Buccaneer Donnie Abraham. “It’s the best in the world. It’s better than some colleges. It might be better than some NFL. It’s the best.”

And it’s expensive. Tuition at IMG to play high school football is $72,900.  That includes everything: From sunup to sundown, it’s a college schedule, starting at 6:45 in the morning and ending at 11 at night.

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Blue Chippers dominate at IMG ALL MADEN Mini Camp

Who are the Blue Chippers? By the end of the camp everyone knew who BCU was as Corey Martinez, Jay Estremera. Haiden Nagle, Dominic Neglio, Jared Gremley, & Dalton Gilson all represented showing out in their positions, The first day mostly involved registering and getting familiar with the grounds and coach’s. The 2000 acre facility was packed with kids from all over the world working on their skills in Tennis, Golf, Basketball, Baseball, and yes Football. John Madden had put his name on the IMG Franchise giving High School Players a chance to workj in a real NFL style mini camp. AFter receiving thier IMG bags with 3 days worth of Under Armour jerseys and ID Badges for the cafeteria and grounds, we jumped on the trolly to head out to the Football facilities.! Like we were on a ride at Busch gardens we trecked a couple of miles through winding greens and tennis courts. Upon arriving we say multiple football fields, a twin tower housing facility under construction. Our new home for 3 days the temporary football offices ( any school would love to have these) even the porta-john had a/c with running water! All in all IMG academy was everything it was hyped to be and more! I will be working on a Day 1 synopsis look for it soon!