Game Of The Week! GHS vs SHS

The Battle Of Brushy Creek & The Northwest Trophy brings the #300 ranked (Sickles) & #1004 ranked (Gaither) teams together for what is more than a Kick Off Classic. Since the district realignment Sickles stayed in 6a-6 and Gaither moved to 7a-7 but this is more than a pre season game! On a national level this gives both teams a chance to move up into the spotlight and showcase thier players and talent. Kids who played together growing up now lock horns in Friday Nights BCU Game Of The Week! Stay tuned for highlights from the game!


Dominic Neglio #22 Gaither Cowboys c/o 2013

#22 Dominic Neglio c/o 2013

Dominic Neglio


Graduation: 2013

G.P.A. 3.9

SAT:Math:500Verbal:500Written 560                      ACT

NCAA Clearinghouse #:1105494717


Major: Business Management

Top schools I am interested in: D1:Northwestern University, Holy Cross, Florida International University


1st offensive position: RB 2nd offensive position: Slot

1st defensive position: SS 2nd defensive position: OLB

Special teams: Long Snapper 3 year starter



Accomplishments: 2012 Captain, 2012 IMG All Madden Candidate, 2011 Captain

Team site:

BeRecruited Profile:

Hudl page:

NCSA profile:


Top 5:


Blue Chippers dominate at IMG ALL MADEN Mini Camp

Who are the Blue Chippers? By the end of the camp everyone knew who BCU was as Corey Martinez, Jay Estremera. Haiden Nagle, Dominic Neglio, Jared Gremley, & Dalton Gilson all represented showing out in their positions, The first day mostly involved registering and getting familiar with the grounds and coach’s. The 2000 acre facility was packed with kids from all over the world working on their skills in Tennis, Golf, Basketball, Baseball, and yes Football. John Madden had put his name on the IMG Franchise giving High School Players a chance to workj in a real NFL style mini camp. AFter receiving thier IMG bags with 3 days worth of Under Armour jerseys and ID Badges for the cafeteria and grounds, we jumped on the trolly to head out to the Football facilities.! Like we were on a ride at Busch gardens we trecked a couple of miles through winding greens and tennis courts. Upon arriving we say multiple football fields, a twin tower housing facility under construction. Our new home for 3 days the temporary football offices ( any school would love to have these) even the porta-john had a/c with running water! All in all IMG academy was everything it was hyped to be and more! I will be working on a Day 1 synopsis look for it soon!