BCU Moves 100% to a multimedia platform

BlueCHipperUniversity is proud to announce that it is moving to a 100% media platform. Through internet radio and live streaming BCU will no longer be a recruiting or scouting service. We will still be working with top recruiters and scouts from accros the country. To comply with NCAA NAIA JUCO FHSAA guidelines and rules, BCU will now only be a media company! Thanks to all of your continued support and make sure you check out our upcoming schedule of live shows and events!


Game Of The Week! GHS vs SHS

The Battle Of Brushy Creek & The Northwest Trophy brings the #300 ranked (Sickles) & #1004 ranked (Gaither) teams together for what is more than a Kick Off Classic. Since the district realignment Sickles stayed in 6a-6 and Gaither moved to 7a-7 but this is more than a pre season game! On a national level this gives both teams a chance to move up into the spotlight and showcase thier players and talent. Kids who played together growing up now lock horns in Friday Nights BCU Game Of The Week! Stay tuned for highlights from the game!