Game Of The Week! GHS vs SHS

The Battle Of Brushy Creek & The Northwest Trophy brings the #300 ranked (Sickles) & #1004 ranked (Gaither) teams together for what is more than a Kick Off Classic. Since the district realignment Sickles stayed in 6a-6 and Gaither moved to 7a-7 but this is more than a pre season game! On a national level this gives both teams a chance to move up into the spotlight and showcase thier players and talent. Kids who played together growing up now lock horns in Friday Nights BCU Game Of The Week! Stay tuned for highlights from the game!


B.C University Welcomes Pablo Escobar to the Team

After months of contract negotiations B.C University has signed on Pablo Escobar as Director of Football Operations. A former player in the Tampa Bay Area who loves the kids! His drive and determination to our staff of professionals brings our roster to its highest level to date!

B.C: What is the role of administrators/faculty for B.C
P.E : My role is Photographer/ Videographer Director of Player Operations
B.C So tell me the difference from when you was in school vs Now with the media
P.E: Aww Man its so different back then we had the media but not to this extreme
you have the combines and all the Nike camps we did not have the much recruiting like it is now.
B.C:How do you get your athletes into college
P.E: We will talk to the recruiters out there and let them know about the athletes show video and still
shots we also have a weekly radio show that will give the athletes that exposure as well.
B.C: How do you communicate with the athletes?
P.E: Oh I love talking to the athletes on different levels to see where they are at in life on and off the field
letting that kid know that you are paying attention to them goes a long way and seeing their face light up is priceless.
B.C: Any last words you want to say to the B.C world
P.E : All I can say is Lets make dreams come true and help a athlete out.