2nd generation Bay Area Athlete

– Once the top-rated high school baseball player in the country, Lance McCullers is now pitching at the top of his game. The Tampa native helped clinch the Astros spot in the World Series and now those closest to him are getting ready to watch him pitch on baseball’s biggest stage.

Lance McCullers has always stood out from his peers, both on and off the field.  He’s best known for what he does on the mound, but behind the scenes, he’s much more than a pitcher.

“His baseball talent is obviously what separates him from a lot of others, but he was always a leader. He was always someone that looked after his teammates; he was always someone that looked after my family and my two boys,” said McCullers’ high school coach, Richie Warren.

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Baseball Hall of Fame adds four new members

Chipper JonesVladimir GuerreroJim Thome and Trevor Hoffman were elected to the Baseball Hall of Fame, it was announced Wednesday.

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